ARAMAUCA was born in 2014 in Venezuela and had a presence in Chiapas, Mexico since 2017. It is an non profit, independent, flexible and changing space, whose main objective is to promote the dissemination, research, study, development and teaching of contemporary art. It’s goal is to generate bridges and dialogues between art and other branches of knowledge, while seeking to support the processes of reflection of artist/creators interested in linking with the local culture in Chiapas, within the current grammars of art.


ARAMAUCA is directed by visual artists Adriana Lanni Aspiazu and Camilo Barboza Soto, together with other professionals specialized in various areas of social sciences and art.


• Gallery for individual and collective exhibitions that opened to the public April 2018.

• Ongoing training workshops.

• Research and creation rooms.

• A program of international artistic residencies with capacity for 5 artists per season with a period of immersion in the Lacandon Jungle.

• Publication and dissemination of didactic and informative material on contemporary art in digital format.

• Development of street festivals in the city of San Cristóbal de las Casas.

• Portfolio reviews.



ARAMAUCA seeks to support all forms of artistic expression from a transdisciplinary approach, with special interest in contemporary languages.


Its intention is to contribute to the construction and transformation of society, and to promote educational programs where various international artists are invited international to integrate into the traditional communities of Chiapas and get in touch with the ancestral knowledge and ways of life in these communities. At the same time these artist/creators will offer free workshops for the communities in with the intention to generate an exchange of knowledge and experiences.